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Amateur Geologist - The North American Importer and Distributor of the BelOMO Loupes
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Q) What is an authorized dealer?
A) This list is the current list of BelOMO loupe dealers authorized by Amateur Geologist, Inc, the exclusive partner, importer and distributor of BelOMO loupes in North America to sell BelOMO loupes in North America. Authorized dealers meet a level of service consistent with the quality of the BelOMO loupes. Authorized dealers sell factory fresh loupes where the lens has passed quality inspecion and have been certified by the test lab.

Q) Why isn't my dealer listed here?
A)  If a dealer isn't meeting the expected level of service they may not appear here until they have once again reached that expected level of excellence. Occasionally an authorized dealer may sell wholesale to a smaller dealer and Amateur Geologist, Inc has not received the name of that dealer and had a chance to fully consider them for listing as an authorized dealer.

Amateur Geologist, Inc and it's authorized dealers are covered by a contract with BelOMO as the exclusive dealers in North America. A dealer not listed here and selling for a low price is probably selling black market loupes. Amateur Geologist, Inc imports large quantities of the BelOMO loupes in an open manner. We don't smuggle them into the country. We pay the imprt taxes and fees, which add to the cost of the loupes. Sellers smuggling loupes into the country don't pay those fees which allows them to sell the loupes at a cheaper price.

Those loupes may not actually be BelOMO manufactured loupes. We're all familiar with items such as purses, watches, shoes, sunglasses, children's toys, electronics and other similar high market items which are cheaply duplicated and sold at cheaper prices. The "BelOMO loupe" you're considering purchasing or have purchased may actually be one of those such clones. It's easy to fake the frame of the loupe but the fake loupes do not contain a quality lens. You may find that it's a solid piece of glass that introduces distortion of the image and color and only has a fraction of the true magnification that a true triplet can achieve.

It may appear to be really nice until you compare it to a professional level magnifier such as the BelOMO, Eschenbach or Nikon lenses.

There are some sellers located in Belarus that are buying loupes from the factory but violating our exclusive contract with BelOMO and selling the loupes to North American customers. They may even help you evade paying an import duty by falsifying the customs document leaving you at risk of fraud. International shipping takes weeks to months for transportation and customs clearance. Make sure you can contact your seller again in the case that your "BelOMO" loupe has a problem. That's rare on a true BelOMO loupe but authorized dealers will handle the warranty issue for you. If you buy your loupe from an unauthorized dealer make sure they'll handle the warranty coverage before you buy. And where do you have to return the loupe for that coverage. Shipping internationally to the US is not to expensive but shipping out of the US will cost you over $12.00

Q) Which sellers are known not to be authorized dealers?
A) As mentioned above any seller located outside of North America is not authorized to sell or ship into North America. Those are easy to spot by their location.

We are currently investigating these sellers who are located in North America:

On Amazon:

  • A seller going only by the name "solter" located in Virginia. Their current, as of this posting, is 79%.
  • A seller going by the name "JSunnyDae"/"JSDae_69" located in New Jersey. Their price of $81.90 + $4.99 shipping will probably discourage you anyway.
  • A seller going by the name "Begue" located in Japan. OK, I'm just being funny now because they're selling the loupe for $150.96 + $4.99 shipping and they currently have a feedback rating of 33%. They offer a number of the loupes at equally attractive pricing.


On eBay:

  • A seller going by the name of "verimvskazki" located in Virginia.
  • A seller going by the name of "raddaki" with a generic location of in the USA.
  • A seller going by the name of "aldouspi" located in Oregon.
  • A seller going by the name of "ml-gvalt" with a generic location of in the USA.